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Amazon E-Pedia

  • Virtual Marketplace
    They are online stores opened and operated by real persons or legal entities for commercial activities to sell products or services in virtual marketplaces.
  • Online Store
    They are online stores opened and operated by real persons or legal entities for commercial activities to sell products or services in virtual marketplaces.
  • Amazon Suspend
    In cases where Amazon thinks that the criteria and rules published in order to control the activities of online stores in the virtual marketplace and to protect its customers are not followed, or if it is not sure that the rules will be followed, it suspends the relevant store activities temporarily or permanently. Opening Suspend : Post-registration suspension for confirmation of registration information. Related Account Suspend : Association of documents and information used in the opened account due to their use in a different account. Asin Suspend : Due to violation of Intellectual and Property Rights Late Delivery Rate Suspend
  • Amazon Buy Box
    It is located on the right side of the product page where the customer enters the Amazon marketplace to purchase a product and finds the product he is looking for. It is the “Add to Cart” box. Amazon gives Buy Box rights to stores belonging to accounts with high Account Health for certain products. Products of stores that have Buy Box rights for certain products appear at the top when buyers search for products, and Amazon informs the buyer that the store selling this product is considered a reliable seller by Amazon and that it is recommended to buy the product from this seller. Selling stores are in serious competition to get Buy Box rights, and Amazon constantly changes the Buy Box numbers of accounts based on Account Health evaluation. Approximately 80% or more of the products sold on Amazon are sold by stores belonging to Accounts granted Buy Box rights.
  • Amazon SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
    There may be many sellers selling the same product on Amazon. Since the products are singularized with the ASIN code, the products are separated on a vendor basis with SKUs. The products on each seller's inventory list must have a unique SKU number specific to the seller.
  • Amazon Arbitrage
    It is the process of purchasing affordable product(s) and selling them in a store on the Amazon marketplace at a higher price and profit.
  • Amazon Referral Fee
    Sellers who open accounts and stores to sell products on the Amazon online marketplace pay a certain percentage of commission to Amazon based on the total price (price including product price, shipping fee and gift packaging fee) for each product sold. This commission rate is published as minimum (Amount in US dollars) and rate based on main categories. For example, the minimum commission amount for “Clothing and Accessories (excluding Shoes, Handbags and Sunglasses)” is 0.30 US dollars, while the rate is 17%.
  • Amazon ASIN- (Amazon Standard Identification Number)
    It is a 10-digit code consisting of letters and numbers used to digitally separate products in the Amazon system. There is a unique ASIN code for every product sold on the Amazon marketplace. An ASIN code must be created for the new product/s to be sold.
  • Amazon Account Health
    Amazon evaluates all sellers selling in its online marketplace based on nearly 20 criteria determined and undisclosed by Amazon and scores them for performance. It gives privileges and priority in sales to accounts that meet the performance criteria and has high account health, and imposes sanctions such as suspending the account and relegating it to the background in sales for those who do not.
  • Amazon Seller Central
    It is a web interface used by sellers who want to sell products on Amazon. By opening a Seller Central account, you can start selling your products as a seller on the Amazon marketplace.
  • Amazon Prime
    It is a paid membership system for privileged services offered by Amazon to Amazon customers. By paying a fixed monthly fee, Amazon customers benefit from privileges such as free and priority shipping for certain products, Amazon Prime Video and music.
  • E-Commerce
    It is used as an abbreviation for Electronic Commerce. It means that those who want to buy products or services and those who want to sell products and services come together electronically and shop online. In our country, electronic services began to be provided first and mainly by banks, and subsequently, commercial activities, especially retail sales, began to develop through online stores. Nowadays, most of the public services, both provided by the state and municipalities, are provided online. The spread of Online Commerce has also led to the development and spread of online payment systems.
  • Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)
    It is a type of online commerce done on the Amazon marketplace. The online store owner can send the products he has purchased or produced to the buyer either from his own warehouse or sell online by benefiting from services received from companies called 3rd Party (3PL) that provide storage, packaging for sale, sending to the buyer's address and other services other than Amazon.
  • Amazon Private Label
    It means finding suitable product(s) that can be sold on Amazon and selling these products on the Amazon marketplace with its own label.
  • Dropshipping
    Dropshipping is a type of online trading done on the Amazon marketplace. In this type of commerce, the online store owner displays the products in his store, but there is no need to purchase the products and keep them in stock. When the buyer requests a purchase for the exhibited products, the selling store purchases the requested product online from the wholesaler and sells it online by sending it directly or indirectly to the buyer's address via an intermediate warehouse.
  • Amazon Fulfillment Center
    There are 175+ Fulfillment centers operated by Amazon worldwide. These centers are generally located in North America and Europe and their total area is approaching 14 million square meters. Amazon Fulfillment Centers provide account holders with services such as storing products sold in the FBA model on the Amazon online marketplace, packaging, labeling and shipping in case of an order, tracking delivery, providing customer service with return or cancellation requests, etc., for a fee. Amazon stores the products of sellers who want to do FBA in accordance with the conditions under which the product must be stored. For example, it stores products such as food in safe and climate-controlled areas, and media products on vertical and bookcase-like shelves. If the products sent as FBA are damaged in the Amazon warehouse, caused by Amazon, Amazon purchases the damaged products from the seller and prevents the seller from being victimized.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)
    It is a type of online commerce done on the Amazon marketplace. It is the online store owner who first sends the products he purchases or produces to the Amazon warehouse in the country where the store is located, and makes online sales by taking advantage of the services provided by Amazon, such as storage, packaging for sale, shipping to be delivered to the buyer's address, and receiving returns if they are returned.
    It is a technology company located in Seattle, United States, providing multinational e-commerce and virtual marketplace services.
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