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Online Store Management Service

When you first open your store on Amazon, you may find yourself lost, the problems you encounter may seem very complex and impossible to solve. At this point, you can make things easier with Amazon Consultancy Service.


Our team of Amazon advertising and e-commerce experts will help you optimize your Amazon store according to the parameters and plan your advertising spend to maximize sales and return on investment.


As Pittacus, for our potential customers who want to sell their products on Amazon, we first hold an evaluation meeting that includes information such as finding the appropriate marketplace, price ranges of similar and competing products, and sales volumes with the first analysis we carry out specifically for their products. If our potential customer finds the data shared in the first evaluation meeting positive, we then evaluate what the estimated budget need will be in our second study, which includes data such as customs, freight, FBA fees, category-based Amazon commission amounts, etc. in order to take part in the appropriate marketplace. After both evaluation studies, if our potential customers want to take part in Amazon, they can continue with us or in another way. Pittacus does not charge any fees for these studies, and our aim is to help our potential customers make healthy decisions. If our potential customer decides to work with us, we start providing services as Pittacus after the contract is signed.


What Does Amazon Store Management Service Include?

At Amazon, we care deeply about the success of your store. Our Amazon Store Management service aims to maximize conversion rates and accelerate the healthy growth of the store with product-specific targeting.


Our Amazon Store Management service customers receive comprehensive support 24/7 on all Amazon-related issues.


At Pittacus, we will guide you through various options to make the most of your available budget in your search for Amazon Store Management service.



Who Can Benefit from Amazon Store Management Service?

If you want to sell your own products in foreign currency on Amazon marketplaces and promote and develop your brand on Amazon marketplaces, you can also benefit from this service. Or, if you are not satisfied with the performance of your existing Amazon stores, if you are trying to manage your online store on Amazon with your internal team and your expectations are still not met, you can benefit from our service.


Whether you're new to the market or an experienced seller, Pittacus offers a comprehensive Amazon Store Management service to increase your store's conversion rates.


Amazon Dropshipping Consultancy

Amazon Dropshippingis a trending concept that has been around for years, allowing people to sell products online without having to store them. If we add the world's largest e-commerce platform, Amazon, to this equation, things come to a truly impressive point.


When doing dropshipping, the main task is to serve as an intermediary for Amazon and drive traffic to the products in the store and forward the orders that turn into sales to the supplier.


Our Amazon Dropshipping service, will help you discover exactly how this model works, what is required for you, and the important benefits and drawbacks to consider.


Pittacus Amazon Services Fees

For the fees of our Amazon Online Store Management service, which provides a professional service in the Amazon adventure, communication You can contact us on our page.

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