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Our services

              Online Store Management Training

As Pittacus, we have prepared a one-on-one solution for investors who want to open and run a store in the Amazon marketplace, based on information gained over a long period of time.Amazon Online Store Management Training. The training is prepared to work with sample cases and is given online. Store opening, product selection and listing are carried out live and practically in the trainee's own store. It is a training and support package in which support is provided to the store owner for 6 months following the training.


              Online Store Operation Support

It is the support provided for cases encountered in running a store, both for those who are trying to run a store after receiving training from Pittacus, or for those who already have a store and need support. Pittacus provides service to store owners with 24/7 support.


              Online Store Management

On the Pittacus side, it is a service provided for investors who want to operate an online store on Amazon Marketplace but think that they cannot operate an Amazon online store due to reasons such as time and skill. Pittacus provides Amazon Online Store Management service from A to Z for the account opened in the name of the investor on Amazon and the stores opened accordingly. In accordance with the investor's decision, we offer management services in stores as Dropshipping - Private Label or Arbitrage or a combination of these. The Amazon Store Management service provided by Pittacus is provided professionally by the operators and store manager specifically assigned to the store, observing ethical values and Amazon store health. With the unique experience gained as a result of working for long hours on Amazon, the Pittacus team carries out special product work and sales for each store that does Dropshipping, as well as operations and operations that need to be done in store business such as customer service, purchase, return and cancellation, carefully and professionally. Team members who are operators and store managers are selected based on references and complete their training at Pittacus Academy before starting to work in the stores we manage, and then they work in the stores with the support and control of the managers according to the defined job list. Country - competition - cost and profitability analysis studies are carried out regarding the products of investors who want to receive store management services as Private Label or Arbitrage, and the commercial saleability and profitability of the product is shared with the investor as a result of this analysis. Private Label or Arbitrage store management requires a little more time and investment than Dropshipping in order for the product/s to reach a certain sales volume within Amazon. In this context, product-specific sales strategies are created and the necessary steps are taken by Pittacus to ensure that the sales of the product/s reach the targeted volume. A monthly activity report is prepared for all investors who receive the Amazon Store Management service provided by Pittacus, and data about the store is shared with the investor on a monthly and cumulative basis. In addition, every store owner can enter the online store at any time with the password he/she has, inspect his/her store, and share his/her questions about his/her store with our management team. Pittacus's primary goal is to achieve a gross profit of 1,000 US Dollars (Sales Revenue - (Product Purchasing Cost + Shipping + Amazon Commission)) for the first 3-4 months for newly opened stores that will do Dropshipping, along with store health. are given to their owners.

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