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Here's what a seller on Amazon needs to do to perform well against the competition from product launch

Updated: Mar 30

1- Research your product in detail in the market in advance and at intervals, and develop it according to customers' needs. Topics such as color, content, pattern, ease of use, flexibility, and practicality always makes is differentiate.

2- Highlight the quality and effectiveness of your product and make it stand out in a way that will attract customers' attention.

3- Create an optimized listing for product descriptions, headlines, and keywords. Continuously optimize this listing and keep it up to date.

4- Collect product reviews and encourage customers to share their positive experiences about your product. Offer discounted purchases if necessary to encourage feedback.

5- Increase the visibility of your product using Amazon advertising campaigns. Continuously use tools such as PPC, coupons, prime specials, memberships, and deals.

6- Adjust the price of your product based on your competitors' prices and use appropriate pricing strategies. Don't be too expensive or too cheap; online competition comes from likes and demands, not just price.

7- Provide your customers with fast and reliable shipping services by using Amazon's FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) service. Even if you offer shipping yourself, always stay one step ahead with Amazon's shipping services. Use the Prime advantage.

8- Offer your customers reward programs, discounts, and promotions. Offer this continuously with different methods, not just one-time, so that the customers could be surprised and interested in you.

9- Promote your product using social media and other marketing channels and encourage your customers to talk about your product. One step that will make you stand out from everyone else is right at this point.

10- Specialize in customer service and provide customers with fast and effective, 100% customer-focused responses to their questions to build a strong relationship with your customers. Establish a communication that does not require asking questions or wondering again.

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