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Some Amazon Statistics of 2022

-197 million of 300 million active users visit monthly

-Shipping to over 100 countries except Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria

-More than 200 million Amazon Prime subscriptions in 22 countries worldwide

-$12 Billion Amazon Prime Day sales

-2.2 Billion monthly visitors

-More than 90% market share in the US across five product categories:

  • Batteries (97%),

  • Kitchen and Dining Products (94%),

  • Home Improvement Tools (93%),

  • Golf (92%)

  • Skin Care (91%).

-Nearly 50% U.S. e-commerce market share, more than three times the combined shares of eBay (6.6%), Apple (3.9%), and Walmart (3.7%)

-On average, more than 4,000 products are sold every minute by small and medium-sized sellers

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